Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Getting Your Child Organized for Camp

Young girl organized and ready for camp
With summertime quickly approaching, many of us are preparing to send our children to camp. Deciding what to pack, how to make certain items more durable and camp-ready, and worrying about the consequences that might accompany forgotten items can be frustrating, to say the least. As a professional organizer, I think you might find these tips helpful.

The task of sorting, packing, and preparing items for the trip doesn't have to be as overwhelming as it might initially seem, however. There are a number of ways that you can ease the pain, and actually make this a fun and organized experience for both you and your child.

To begin with, it is most important to involve you child as much as possible when preparing to send him or her to camp. Ask that your child accompany you in creating a list of favorite things that your child feels are essential for his experience. By doing this, not only will you ensure that your child is equipped with what he feels is important to him, but it gives you the opportunity to discuss certain items as well.

Remember that your child will be spending an extended amount of time away from home, and by bringing items which he holds dear, you can rest assured that he will have access to things that provide comfort when needed. Here are a few additional tips from my organizing service you might wish to consider when getting your child ready for camp:

Disposable Camera

Remember to pack a camera for your child to use during his or her stay at camp. In addition to disposable cameras, there are a number of waterproof cameras available on the market. Encourage your child to share the camera with friends and camp staff so that your child might be included in the pictures as well.

Waterproof Electronics

Consider purchasing waterproof electronics whenever possible. If purchasing this type of equipment is not an option for you, there are a number of ways that many electronic devices can be prepared to that they are more durable and water resistant.


Be sure to pack a flashlight with extra batteries, or consider purchasing one with an extended life, such as the 10,000 hour flashlight.


Do not overwhelm your child with too many articles of clothing, but be sure to pack a variety of versatile pieces in order to allow him to be prepared for a variety of activities and weather conditions. Check the camp's dress code before packing items which might be questionable.


It might be wise to pack an additional backpack for camp outings. You will wish to consider including such items as sunscreen, lip balm, a compass, and a water bottle or two.

Use the Checklist

Most camps will provide a checklist of suggested items to pack. Making use of this checklist will help to ensure that your child doesn't leave anything behind.

Donate Unwanted Items

While going through your child's belongings in preparation for camp, you might ask your child to assist you with selecting items which are no longer of use to him or her. Organize the items in separate containers, and include such things as winter clothing and coats, outgrown summer attire, toys, and accessories. There are a number of charities, and even church organizations, which will appreciate donations. Many of the donated items will be given to children who are less fortunate. Explain to your child that by discarding items that he or she will no longer use, he may be helping children whose families can't afford these things otherwise.

In addition to organizing and packing your child's belongings for camp, you may wish to consider other types of preparation as well.

  • Doctor's Appointments: Schedule doctor appointments accordingly.
  • Health Forms and Paperwork: Be sure all paperwork is completed in its entirety.
  • Deadlines: Be sure to make a note of any deadlines.
  • Confirm Travel Arrangements: Confirm any travel arrangements for your family (or your child) in advance.
I hope this organizational tips help make summer camp more enjoyable for everyone!

Robert Mizrahi
Chaos Commandos