Saturday, March 8, 2014

How to Organize Your Email Folders in Microsoft Outlook

Organizing Email Digital Folders in Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook is the email application that is part of the Windows bundle on all PCs. Outlook has a number of helpful tools to help keep your inbox and the rest of your email organized. Many of the tools are even automated to make the task even simpler once you set it up.
Many people unfortunately do not know how to use these great features or are just plain unaware of them. This can result in an over-abundance of unwanted emails which can prevent you  from finding that important email when you need it, or having your work emails lost in the midst of newsletters, spam and emails from your friends.

The Filter Tool

Filtering your messages allows you to see only the emails you want, and that meet certain criteria. You can then sort these emails into folders accordingly and have them automatically sorted in the future. To access the Filter tool just click on "View". A drop-down menu will appear and you can select one or more categories that have been established like Unread or even Social Updates, which are emails from Facebook and other social networks.

The Sweep Tool

Sweeping is how you send all of a certain type of email to a designated folder. An easy way to sweep is to do so by sender. For example, if you want all of your work emails in a separate folder, you'll want to use Sweep after selecting an email from your boss or co-workers. Click Sweep and then from the drop-down menu select "Move all from". After this you will be sent to another screen where you can select the folder to either sweep to or create a new folder. Sweep is great because you only need to select one email in order to send them all where you want them to end up.

The Sweep tool will also allow you to automate the sorting of emails in the future. All you need to do is select the check-box for "Also move future messages". Sweep can also be used to delete all of the messages from a specific sender. This feature is excellent for getting rid of all of your Facebook notification emails at one time.

The Schedule Cleanup Feature

Schedule Cleanup keeps your inbox and your folders from being overrun by old emails that are no longer relevant. It can be set to delete certain emails after ten, thirty, sixty or ninety days - whichever works best for you. This makes it so that you will only have to deal with more recent emails. You may also use Schedule Cleanup to send emails to folders and have them bypass your inbox entirely. Click on Schedule Cleanup and all you need to do is select the options that are right for your needs.

Turning to Professional Organization

There are also great professional organizing services that can do all of your email organizing for you. They will handle all of your digital needs to your specifications and get you started with staying organized in the future. They are great if you are less computer savvy, just do not have time to sit down and deal with the email clutter or if you are overwhelmed by the prospect. If you have just begun using Outlook and imported all of your emails from over the years it can easily become overwhelming.

A digital data storage organizer can take care of more than just Outlook. They can also help you with a cluttered desktop and help clear space on your hard drive. They will set up automation tasks within all of your programs, sort your folders and get rid of duplicate files. They will get the job done quickly and easily, so that you can get back to your business as soon as possible and never have to dig through your inbox for hours again.

Robert Mizrahi
Chaos Commandos

Saturday, March 1, 2014

How to Organize Your Makeup

Girl organizing makeup in her bathroom
Makeup storage can become a hassle even for the most organized makeup connoisseur. A solid makeup collection includes a variety of products and colors for all outfits and all occasions. We all know that sales are enticing and you often find yourself sometimes buying makeup you don't necessarily need. From your brushes to your eye shadow, lip liner and foundation, you can downsize the clutter and be able to find what you need when you need it. It can even be fun.

Sort Your Products

The first step to organizing anything, including makeup, is to sort. A fine way to sort makeup is by product. In other words, you want to have you mascara with your mascara. You do not want to have your foundation mingling with your lipstick and eye liner. Start by creating groups. For example, consider having your foundation and blush close to one another, and group all of your eye and lip makeup. Think about your makeup in categories and sub-categories.

Out with the Old

While some makeup lasts a while, you probably go through other types of makeup at what seems like a blinding rate. Liquid makeups can dry up and eye shadows become cracked and brittle over time. Unless you keep on top of your make up you will probably find you have some things that have seen better days. Getting rid of old makeup you do not use also cuts down on clutter and makes room for new products too. Downsize your collection, and you'll begin to see how easy it is to start getting organized.

Places for Products

After sorting and getting rid of old makeup you'll need a way to keep your groups of products together. A toothbrush holder or simple pencil case are good ways to store all of your brushes, for example. Put your eye shadow palettes together and your loose eye shadow in a container. Put your lipsticks and lip glosses together in a container as well. You can get a small plastic bin with drawers or separate individual bins. Get creative - whichever suits your style.

Getting Creative

When finding places for each of your products, feel free to use your creativity.  For example, if you are feeling particularly crafty you can glue small magnets to the backs of your eye shadows and blushes. Take an old cookie sheet and wrap it in your favorite decorative fabric then hang it on the wall by your vanity or make-up table. Stick your products there so you'll always be able to find them.

If you do not want to invest in a bin or buy trays from the store, you can easily take old boxes and make your own bins. Decorate them with paper or fabric and use a larger box to store your smaller boxes that contain each of your products. If you have a lot of boxes you can construct your own little chest of drawers for your makeup.

Call in the Professionals

What do you do when you find that you just have too much makeup? You may have makeup strewn about your entire bathroom and in every nook and cranny. The prospect of organizing can become completely overwhelming. You might have a collection of makeup that you cannot bring yourself to throw away even though you know you need to. When all else fails, you can contact a professional home organizer. A professional can help you throughout the process and get the job done for you.

Organization companies are a great option if you simply do not have the time or if you find yourself absolutely unable to get started. A versatile company will offer a wide variety of services, which will include a professional bathroom organizing service. They will take care of your makeup and anything else you may find creating disarray in your bathroom. Learn from them and they can help you stay organized in the future so you do not find yourself drowning in makeup again.

Robert Mizrahi
Chaos Commandos